Your personalized, always-on, intelligent Japanese tutor.

  • Proven learning strategies.
  • Lessons, flashcards, challenges, games, readings.
  • Kana, kanji, grammar and vocabulary.
  • Intelligent study recommendations for all levels.
  • Effective, fast, and fun.
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Relax and learn - automatically

Kanshudo’s AI monitors your progress and automatically generates a personalized study program for you.
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Start at your current level

Kanshudo teaches all levels of Japanese from absolute beginner to expert.
Choose your starting point, or take our tests to help Kanshudo understand what you already know.

Monitor your progress visually

Kanshudo assesses your ‘Japanese Mastery Level’, and provides you with a visual indicator of what you know.

Take a visual journey through the Japanese language

Your progress is represented as a literal journey through Japan. As you learn about Japanese, you will learn about Japan - its history, its culture, and its geography.

Study Japanese as a whole, or focus on kanji

With Kanshudo, you can study Japanese comprehensively – learn kanji, words and grammar in parallel.
Or, you can focus on kanji (and kana).
Kanshudo tracks your progress with each aspect of Japanese separately.

Use Kanshudo as your daily dictionary

Kanshudo contains the most comprehensive Japanese dictionaries available online:
  • 14,000 kanji (4000 with mnemonics)
  • 260,000 words
  • 800 grammar points
  • 150,000 example sentences
  • 600,000 names
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Built-in flashcards

Kanshudo’s spaced-repetition flashcards track your progress automatically.
Generate cards automatically or import your own lists. You can also export to another program.
View and track your learning statistics.

Multiple study modes

Everyone learns in a different way, and Kanshudo integrates multiple study modes so you can learn in the most effective way for you.
  • Formal lessons
  • Self study
  • Games, quizzes, and challenges
  • Reading

Study points and coupons

Study points are awarded for (almost) everything you do on Kanshudo.
As you earn study points, you can earn coupons for free Pro access!

Pro access

You can use Kanshudo for free with a log in. Some features are restricted to monthly caps to limit the load on our servers. Pro access unlocks unlimited use of the entire system.
Pro access is unbeatable value at $60 for a year or $6 per month - less than the cost of one textbook or Japanese lesson.
You can earn free Pro access by studying – study coupons can be redeemed for Pro access.

Get started!

To get started, just visit your Dashboard and follow the instructions. You can reach your Dashboard from anywhere in the system by clicking the logo in the top left of the screen, or the mastery icon .
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If you'd like to learn more, read our guide, How to use Kanshudo.
Kanshudo is your AI Japanese tutor, and your constant companion on the road to mastery of the Japanese language. To get started learning Japanese, just follow the study recommendations on your Dashboard. You can use Quick search (accessible using the icon at the top of every page) to look up any Japanese word, kanji or grammar point, as well as to find anything on Kanshudo quickly. For an overview, take the tour.