Kanshudo offers many powerful ways to study Japanese. This page provides an overview and quick links for each of the key study features.
You can access any of these features at any time here, or the most useful ones from the STUDY menu at the top right of any page. You can also just follow the study recommendations on your Dashboard, which will direct you to different study functions automatically.
For detailed instructions on how these study features fit into Kanshudo, see our guide How to use Kanshudo.
Some of the exercises listed here (such as Boost and Kanji Challenge) also appear in the Play Index.
Study spaced-repetition flashcards
Learn and review kanji, words, example sentences, and grammar points as flashcards. Create flashcards from your favorites, collections, lessons, or from your own kanji or word lists.
Kanshudo Boost
Boost generates a series of games and exercises to help you learn any set of material - a specific kanji, word or grammar point, flashcards, a collection, lesson content etc. Boost is one of the most powerful and enjoyable ways to study Japanese.
Quick Study
Quickly learn or test yourself on any material in Kanshudo
Quick Study lets you use any spare five minutes for study. Study your favorites, cards you're finding difficult or have recently forgotten, or learned/unlearned cards from any of your existing flashcard sets.
Kanshudo AI
Kanshudo AI Sentence Correct
Enter any Japanese sentence, and Kanshudo AI Sentence Correct will provide a corrected version, along with an explanation of any problems found! Kanshudo AI is your personal Japanese coach.
Kanshudo graded lessons
Kanshudo offers several lesson series: Beginner Lessons, Intermediate Lessons, the Textbook Companion, and Topic Lessons. You can work on any lesson series by choosing it in the main STUDY menu or the Lessons Index, or you can let Kanshudo choose lessons for you and provide them as study recommendations on your Dashboard. For more information on available lessons, visit the Lessons Index.
Reading Corner
Read graded pieces in a variety of genres
Kanshudo's Reading Corner provides a selection of graded readings based on real world texts. Plus, we have partnered with Satori Reader, the leading online reading-focused Japanese site. Read the how-to guide to find out how to synchronize your kanji mastery data and customize your Satori Reader experience.
Your Japanese Mastery Level
Kanji, Grammar and Vocab Mastery Wheels
Tag any kanji, word, example sentence or grammar point as a favorite
Kanji Challenge
The most effective way to study a kanji, with key words and examples.
Drawing practice
Practice drawing hiragana, katakana, the most common components, and kanji.
Kanji Quiz
Practice our kanji quiz. When you are ready, score your kanji ability with the full quiz.
Word Quiz
Take our word quiz to build or test your vocabulary.
Study emails
Daily Kanji Email
Study a kanji a day, completely free, from the comfort of your email in-box!
Kanji, word and name collections
We have gathered together a number of useful kanji, word and name collections. Quickly and easily study, browse or download items grouped in various ways, including by JLPT level, by usefulness, by frequency, by textbook, and by theme.
Random kanji
View a kanji selected randomly from the entire Kanshudo database!
Kanshudo is your AI Japanese tutor, and your constant companion on the road to mastery of the Japanese language. To get started learning Japanese, just follow the study recommendations on your Dashboard. You can use Quick search (accessible using the icon at the top of every page) to look up any Japanese word, kanji or grammar point, as well as to find anything on Kanshudo quickly. For an overview, take the tour.