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Kanshudo offers several powerful ways to study. Scroll down for details.

My personalized Kanji Wheel and Kanji Mastery Score

The most powerful tool available for visualizing your kanji knowledge and intelligently guiding your Japanese studies.

Textbook Companion

Use Kanshudo with your favorite textbook! Now you can get all the power of Kanshudo's kanji wheel, study games and flashcards while studying with your existing textbook.

Beginner Lessons

Twenty lessons suitable for absolute beginners, introducing the first 100 kanji, about 200 basic words, and 50 key grammar points.

Intermediate Lessons

Our comprehensive step-by-step series of Japanese lessons: the 53 Stages of the Kanshudo. Follow our structured program all the way to your first 1000 kanji, having fun along the way! Designed for learners with basic knowledge of Japanese.

Quick Study

Quick Study lets you use any spare five minutes for study. Study your favorites, cards you're finding difficult or have recently forgotten, or learned/unlearned cards from any of your existing flashcard sets.


Learn and review kanji and vocab as flashcards. Create flashcards from your favorites or from your own vocab lists.


Whenever you see kanji or words in search results, you can tag them as your favorites. Review your favorites any time here.

Kanji Collections

We have gathered together a number of useful kanji collections which you can study with flashcards. If you are using the Japanese for Busy People textbook series, you will find the collections of kanji used in each chapter of each book especially useful.

Daily Kanji email

Study a kanji a day, completely free, from the comfort of your email in-box!

Random Kanji

View a kanji selected randomly from the entire Kanshudo database!

Kanji Quiz

Practice our kanji quiz. When you are ready, score your kanji ability with the full quiz.
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