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Kanshudo is the fastest and most enjoyable way to mastery of written Japanese. Kanshudo will help you become a kanji expert, whether you are an absolute beginner or already more advanced. Become a kanji master and have fun along the way!
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Learn how to master written Japanese

Kanshudo provides a comprehensive and effective system for mastering written Japanese.
If you are just beginning your Japanese studies, first start with our guide to learning Japanese: Getting started learning Japanese with Kanshudo.
If you know hiragana, katakana and some basic grammar, read our guide to mastering the kanji: How to master the Japanese kanji.
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Use your personalized Kanshudo Kanji Wheel to guide your studies

The Kanshudo Kanji Wheel™ is the most advanced system available for visualizing your personal kanji knowledge and providing intelligent study recommendations.
Visit your personalized Kanji Wheel now, or read the how to guide.
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Use Kanshudo with your existing textbook series

The Kanshudo Textbook Companion allows you to use all the power of Kanshudo with your existing textbook series. Play games, study flashcards, track your progress with the Kanji Wheel, and earn Study Points - all while using your existing textbook.
The Companion supports several popular textbooks, including Genki, Minna no Nihongo, Adventures in Japanese and Japanese for Busy People.
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Study structured lessons suited to your level

Kanshudo includes two graded series of lessons designed to get you from absolute beginner through to about 1000 kanji.
Our Beginner Lessons are designed for absolute beginners, and introduce about 100 kanji (all kanji used in the N5 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test), 200 words, and 50 basic grammar points.
Our intermediate course, the '53 stages of the Kanshudo', after the famous series of ukiyo-e by Hiroshige, includes over 50 lessons that cover the most common 1000 kanji, along with several thousand words. Lessons 1-5 recap N5 kanji, and remaining lessons cover N4-N2.
If you are not a beginner, the Kanshudo Quiz is designed to help us assess your level, and then provide recommendations on which series / lesson to start with.
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Earn Study Points for free Pro access to Kanshudo

As you interact with Kanshudo, studying lessons, playing games, looking up kanji and words etc, you earn Study Points. As you accumulate Study Points, you will automatically be awarded coupons for free Pro access. Kanshudo Pro access gives you unlimited use of the system - unlimited flashcards, unlimited searches, unlimited games.
Check out your Study Points (and your detailed study history) any time by clicking on the Study Points icon in the main menu.
For more information on the benefits of Kanshudo Pro access, see here.
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Easily look up kanji, words, names and examples

Kanshudo includes a comprehensive and advanced search engine, with over 13,000 kanji, nearly 200,000 Japanese words, over 600,000 Japanese names, and about 150,000 Japanese/English example sentences.
Look up any kanji by pasting the kanji itself, or by using the component builder. Easily look up Japanese words. Use any of the advanced search options such as entering a kanji's meaning / reading (in English or Japanese), a word used in the mnemonic. Look up Japanese names, or find example sentences using words.
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See every kanji presented with its components

Kanji are composed of components, and knowing the meaning of the components makes it much easier to learn any kanji.
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Remember kanji easily with mnemonics

Mnemonics are a proven memory technique for learning the kanji: they are far more effective than either 'brute force' repetition or writing kanji out.
the man (𠆢) ...
the man (𠆢) in the tree (ホ) ...
the man (𠆢) in the tree (ホ) makes the grass (艹) ...
the man (𠆢) in the tree (ホ) makes the grass (艹) into tea
ちゃ tea
Kanshudo contains over 3300 individual mnemonics. Every mnemonic uses the precise variant of each component used in a kanji, and is designed to be as memorable as possible. Learn more about the Kanshudo system.

Tag kanji you want to study as favorites

Easily 'favorite' any kanji by clicking the green star. All kanji tagged as favorites appear in your favorites list, and you can easily create flashcards to study them.
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Create flashcards from your own kanji/vocab lists, or from our ready-made collections

Kanshudo includes a flashcard system as advanced as any dedicated flashcard program, with an unlimited number of cards, spaced repetition for efficient learning, and a design that works well on mobile devices as well as computers.
Kanshudo automatically includes readings and meanings of all kanji used in your flashcards, along with their components.
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Use Quick Study whenever you have a spare few minutes

Kanshudo Quick Study is a great way to use a spare few minutes to study Japanese. Create a quick study set with a couple of clicks from your favorites or an existing flashcard set, or from cards you are finding difficult to learn, or have recently forgotten.
To get started with Quick Study, click on the Quick Study icon in the main menu.
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Play kanji and word games

Games increase your recognition and retention, and help you learn both kanji and vocab faster. Kanshudo includes six fun and entertaining study games.
Try your hand at Kanji Match or Word Match. In the Beginner Lessons, you can also play Reading Match, Sentence Builder and Sentence Complete. In the Intermediate Lessons, you can play Sentence Complete. In the Textbook Companion, you can play the really fun Phrase Builder.
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Take the Quiz to measure your progress and test your kanji knowledge

The Kanshudo kanji Quiz is a fun and beneficial way to test your existing knowledge level. Taking the Quiz also helps us set up your personalized Kanji Wheel and personalized intelligent study recommendations. Take the Quiz now, or if you prefer you can practice first.
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Sign up for the free Daily Kanji email

Receive a free kanji each day in your inbox! Quickly tag any kanji you don't know for focused study, or to study online. If you study just one kanji per day, you will make steady progress towards becoming a master.
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Use our step-by-step 'how to' guides to make the best use of all the tools Kanshudo offers

How to guides provide step by step instructions for more advanced or complex features of Kanshudo. Access them wherever you see the striped border!
Select 'How to' from the footer of any page, or from the main menu (Quick Start > How To Guides), or visit the how to guide index now.

Kanji collections

Kanshudo includes many kanji collections, including:
  • The 100 most common kanji
  • The 50 most common components
  • A series of 42 collections corresponding to all lessons in the Japanese for Busy People textbook series
Use collections to quickly create themed sets of flashcards to study!

Ready to get started?

Click any of the links in the introduction above, or take the Tour for more help getting started. Take your first step towards kanji mastery today!