Kanshudo Lesson Series Index

Kanshudo offers several graded series of lessons, designed for different learning objectives and stages.
You can access any of the lesson series you have enabled directly from the main STUDY menu at the top of each page. Lessons from the series you have enabled will also appear as study recommendations on your Dashboard.
We recommend you choose either the Beginner or Intermediate lessons if you are studying mostly on Kanshudo, or the Textbook Companion if you are working through a textbook. We recommend you include the Topic Lessons in addition to any other choice.
Note: even if you exclude lessons from menus and your study recommendations, you can still study them from them this page. Find this page again from the bottom menu on each page under 'Lesson Index'.
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Beginner lessons
Twenty lessons suitable for absolute beginners, introducing the first 100 kanji, about 200 basic words, and 50 key grammar points.
Topic lessons
Each of Kanshudo's topic lessons introduces a single topic related to Japanese language, culture or society. Topic lessons are a great way to learn words and kanji relevant to specific topics. Each topic lesson has a unique format, drawing on video, audio, multiple choice quizzes, reading exercises, games and tests. Topic lessons are graded, with lessons to suit all levels from beginner to advanced, so we recommend you include the topic lessons in addition to any other series you choose to study.
Intermediate lessons (series 2)
Our new and improved intermediate lesson program takes you all the way to your first 1000 kanji, having fun along the way! Starts with zero kanji, but designed for learners with some basic knowledge of Japanese. Our series 2 lessons include a brand new interface, more games and exercises, and grammar points along with the kanji and vocabulary.
Textbook Companion
Use Kanshudo with your favorite textbook! Get all the power of Kanshudo's progress tracking, flashcards, and study games while studying with your existing textbook. Supports Genki, Minna no Nihongo, Japanese for Busy People, Practical Kanji and more.
Kanshudo is your AI Japanese tutor, and your constant companion on the road to mastery of the Japanese language. To get started learning Japanese, just follow the study recommendations on your Dashboard. You can use Quick search (accessible using the icon at the top of every page) to look up any Japanese word, kanji or grammar point, as well as to find anything on Kanshudo quickly. For an overview, take the tour.