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About Kanshudo flashcards
  • Create flashcards from kanji, words, example sentences, and grammar points by tagging anything in Kanshudo as a favorite
  • Automatically create cards from collections, beginner or intermediate lessons or popular textbooks in the textbook companion
  • Automatically create cards relevant for you based on difficulty level and your existing knowledge
  • Import from Anki, Quizlet, imiwa?, Midori and other apps
  • Automatically create cards from vocab lists, kanji lists, or for all kanji in any passage of text
  • Automatically extend your sets by creating kanji cards for vocab cards, key word cards for kanji cards etc
  • Built-in spaced repetition and advanced statistics show you your progress and keep you on track
  • Improve your kanji mastery score automatically by studying
  • Backs of cards are automatically generated showing kanji and word details in the same form as used in our search tools - click on any item for more details and examples. See Kanshudo system for more on Kanshudo's 'cascading kanji' format for displaying kanji