Kanshudo testimonials

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Kanshudo is actively used by tens of thousands of Japanese students, and we have received a lot of positive feedback. Here's a sample of what some of our users enjoy.
"I have searched for various sites and videos mentioning the best sites to learn Japanese many times over many years but never saw Kanshudo. To be honest, Kanshudo is BY FAR the best Japanese learning site I have ever come across, so I'm surprised it's not that well known yet."
Thomas S.
"Kanshudo is by far THE best Japanese learning tool I have found. Every language learning website like FluentU or others that recommend ways to learn a language should include Kanshudo in their Japanese section."
Alex V.
"I freaking LOVE Kanshudo. I tried Wanikani and JapanesePod101, which were good, but somehow ineffective. Whatever is in the Kanshudo secret sauce must be working :) Keep up the great work!"
Gregory K.
"I was using Duolingo before, but now I only use Kanshudo because I feel that it’s better. I love the study points method. It really encourages you to keep studying more and more. For my beginning level, right now I feel like everything is perfect."
Bozhidar P.
"Kanshudo is the most comprehensive resource for Japanese, possibly ever ( I have looked at a lot of different systems). With Kanshudo, I can feel it in my bones, I am going to Master the language, capital m on that word for emphasis. The way you have combined different methodologies in Kanshudo to teach Japanese is an indestructible force. I am absolutely baffled that compared to other services Kanshudo doesn't seem as well known. I can't thank you all enough for this! Someday soon I'll be able to write you this message verbatim or close to it in Japanese."
V. Miku
"Kanshudo is AMAZING and I will always come back to it. What you have created here is off the charts. I have reignited my passion for learning with this website. Thank you so much for everything! Arigatou Gozaimasu!"
Elisav B.
"Kanshudo paired with immersion is perhaps the closest thing to a shortcut available for learning Japanese. Immersion is a powerful technique, but only when used with an efficient, structured system like Kanshudo to hold it all together."
Guy S.
"The reading corner is amazing. It makes reading texts so much more convenient. Answer type is also an amazing improvement on standard SRS flashcards and really helps with retention. Kanshudo has been a boon to my Japanese studies, and I definitely intend to continue using it going forward."
Robert M.
"Dear Kanshudo team: thanks so much for this website!! I have finally found somewhere I can fully learn Japanese, with all the tools necessary and at a great price :) Please please please keep this site alive - I'm sure you're helping many people besides me."
Eric G.
"Your web site is amazing and I have already suggested it to a few other friends studying Japanese!"
Rich S.
"I only discovered Kanshudo today and it's amazing. It's so detailed and I love the way that you can click on everything to access more info. It's great being able to save grammar points, vocab etc. as favourites so I can review them later. Basically everything I could wish for in one place for learning Japanese."
Katie K.
"I was using drops before using Kanshudo, Kanshudo blows it out of the water."
Fabian G.
"I'm loving Kanshudo! As a person who took a little Japanese in college but didn't keep up with it properly afterwards, this has been the first resource that actually followed through with the promise of being helpful "at all levels of experience." The entire site design is also wonderful and straightforward, the AI system seems to work well so far, and everything is actually... fun. Having gotten used to certain other resources and textbooks, I had forgotten fun while learning languages was an option. Time permitting I might be back at the comprehension level I was after 3 years in college in about 6-8 months with you guys."
Hunter S.
"I've enjoyed using Kanshudo much more than Duolingo. The games and reading help me pay attention a lot more."
Chet M.
"Hi all - I am loving this product! The UI is astonishingly good and I am very much enjoying learning Japanese."
Michael K.
"Congratulations for the website! I have been studying Japanese for two years and it's the best resource I've found. Thanks!"
Javier L.
"I’ve been thinking about why Kanshudo seems to be more effective than the other tools available online (e.g., WaniKani, JapanesePod101) for learning to read Japanese. The others may be too systematic or programmatic. Of course, Kanshudo has lessons and mastery scores that document progress. But Kanshudo is a rich jungle to hack through and create your own path, picking up valuable knowledge along the way. I can slash my way through the Kanshudo jungle and along the way I will encounter many more Kanji 鳥, vocabulary 鹿, and grammar 熊."
Kirk G.
"Kanshudo has helped me in achieving my goal in Japanese learning. It is a great platform for learning kanji with the help of mnemonics. You can learn kanji with mnemonics according to JLPT level as Kanshudo has classified the kanjis based on JLPT level. It has classified the Grammar topics as per JLPT level."
Ranjay K.
"This is by far the most comprehensive japanese resource I have ever seen."
V. Y.
"I've been trying to learn Japanese for the last three years, testing and using almost all apps and websites online, and sincerely was considering giving it up. Then someone pointed me to Kanshudo. Kanshudo is by far THE best resource online. I have improved my kanji knowledge much faster and reliably than any other method, including printed workbooks. Thank you guys very very much, the way the components are shown, the mnemonics, the easy peasy way to study the flashcards make this the most enjoyable learning experience ever. "
C. Barroso
"Kanshudo is an amazing resource. Products of such high quality are few and far between. I am so grateful to have come across it, and I hope it never goes away. The support is also spectacular. Fast response to my question."
Ryan D.
"Many thanks for Kanshudo. I have tried lots of different ways to learn kanji and Kanshudo is working better than any of them."
David M.
"I really think your product is very good. It's the best of all the websites I've tried and quite honestly, I've tried most of them. Variation in activity, the introductions and mnemonics for kanji, the structure of grammar lessons. Kanshudo is what I was looking for for a long time."
Stu C.
"Kanshudo is really the best resource out there for learning Japanese and you did an amazing job."
Bruno L.
"I have enjoyed your site in the few months that I have been using it, and it has become my primary tool for learning Japanese (I do not use a textbook)."
Tyler B.
"Great site overall - I really like all your tools, quizzes, reading lessons, etc. I would say that Kanshudo is the best site for learning Japanese grammar & kanji - keep up the great work."
Aidan B.
"I like your system very much. It has helped me progress so much faster than anything I had tried before."
Margie O.
"Overall I would rank Kanshudo as one of the Top Learning tools for Japanese. The value far exceeds the monthly fee and I still haven't explored everything that Kanshudo has to offer. Kanshudo also provides top notch customer support. I am a big advocate."
Mike D.
"Before discovering Kanshudo, the very thought of learning Japanese made me feel intimidated. Now, I have everything I need to learn efficiently and in a fun way. :)"
Cody N.
"You are the nicest, most responsive support team I've ever encountered!"
Eileen M.
"I love how a kanji is broken down to its roots. It is a masterpiece."
Riza A.
"I love Kanshudo. I would not be nearly as far along with reading Japanese if I didn't use it."
Jenni L.
"The UI design is fantastic and is honestly one of the things that keeps me coming back. This cannot be understated."
Bradley G.
"This site is absolutely wonderful! It's beautifully organized and the study plan is incredibly helpful. I'm amazed with the progress I've made in such a short time. Thank you so much!"
Julie L.
"The more time I spend knowing Kanshudo, the more I acknowledge how much time and effort you have put into it. All the functions work so smoothly. That‘s not always the case with most apps or websites. After 5 years using many of them and not being fully satisfied I finally feel confident that I can make it if I keep studying with your masterwork."
Carmen C.
"I just want to tell you that Kanshudo is everything that I've been looking for and more. I love it both when it comes to design and content, finally I can see my progress visually."
Karl R.
"I'm really grateful for this site of yours, it's quite wonderful. There is nothing that even approaches it that I've been able to find."
JoAnn S.
"I recommend you to everyone. This is one of the best Japanese learning resources I know. You guys are awesome."
Juliette S.
"Thank you very much for creating and maintaining this website - the kanji mnemonics and flashcards have proved to be very helpful in creating an enjoyable way of memorizing kanji."
Soren C.
"There are sooo many parts to your site. All are incredibly useful. The rings and the quiz really put the focus on where I’m at... and putting it into levels makes it fun. I have so many more parts of the site to visit... feel like I’ve just begun. Your site is fantastic and perfect for my learning at this stage!"
Steve O.
"Excellent and very intelligent exercises. The first online course I know that combines vocabulary with grammar and kanji and doesn't teach them separately."
Ammar H.
"Thanks again for the great software! I’m using it every day :)"
Sacha K.
"Amazing learning app for kanji, waiting for such an app for three years. Thank you Kanshudo!"
Sub R.
"Thank you! Your site is working great for me where numerous efforts to teach myself Japanese have failed in the past."
Robert L.
"This website is God's work for students of Japanese. It has to be the most comprehensive and integrated resource for learning Japanese I've come across yet and I have to commend you all for that. Before this I was using four different (with two of them having very slow-loading search engines) websites to make my sentence flashcards, which was a horribly laborious process and thus a chore that almost discouraged me from continuing. Kanshudo has it all integrated into one system making it ultra convenient. In addition, it explains the grammar principles really simply, which is important for me especially. The usefulness rating system that this website utilizes, as well as having ready-made lists based on that system (and others), makes learning vocabulary a more pleasurable experience than other frequency and JLPT lists. Paying only $30 dollars for a year feels like I'm committing theft!"
Roberta H.
"Other sites/resources haven't helped me progress as quickly as Kanshudo has. In just 6 months, there has been a noticeable improvement in my Japanese ability."
Neal G.
"I want to congratulate you on the great job you’ve done! Kanshudo has amazing content and innovative strategies. Your approach is refreshing and I’m so happy to have found this resource. Good luck and keep going!"
Inês M.
"Kanshudo is great, thank you so much! You are so awesome :) I especially love the new feature for creating flashcards from example sentences."
Ewa O.
"Thanks so much! Your support is phenomenal."
Sheralynn S.
"Great site! Exactly what is needed for online Japanese learning at this moment. There are very few sites out there that integrate learning kanji, vocabulary and grammar in such a competent way. Well done!"
Jenni F.
"I'm really enjoying Kanshudo so far. Thank you for creating a great set of tools. I especially like the sentence and kanji builders - they are very unique and helpful."
Nate W.
"I think it's great that you show which reading is the most used reading for a kanji. That has always been a problem for me, to detect which reading I should pay most attention to, so thank you very much for showing this info.
Agnese K.
"I'm looking forward to using my Pro account, as I found your website immensely helpful, especially the Kanji mnemonics!"
Teresa G.
"Since I started using Kanshudo, when reading Japanese text, I have become considerably more likely to look up an unfamiliar kanji on Kanshudo, rather than using a dictionary, especially because it is then easy to add them to my flashcards.
This multi-functionality (including other features) is a very strong plus for the site."
Mark D.
"Thank you so much! :) I'm very happy with what I'm seeing so far on Kanshudo's tracking and quizzing system, and I think it's going to prove to be a great investment in my 日本語 studies."
Sydney F.
"I have tried this site and it's REALLY good. The companion for text books is really useful and the flashcard setup is the easiest I've ever used, Anki is nowhere near as easy to use. Also it works on my phone's browser so I can do bits when I'm out if I want to as well. The admin team are really great, I've spoken to them a few times and they really do give a human response, very good service. I've taken a 12 month sub - $30 for 12 months? It's nothing. And if you go through the free stuff up to the paywall, you end up with a voucher that takes it down to $24. Very very impressed so far."
Stuart K.
"Thank you for all your help and patience! I love this site!"
Mari M.
"I love Kanshudo! It is so much fun and my Kanji has improved dramatically. I look forward to studying every day."
Juliette S.
"I've been using Kanshudo for about 6 months. I knew some kanji before but probably only about 200 really well, and I never managed to stick to learning them. Now I know about 1000. The thing that has really helped me remember them is the way Kanshudo shows you each kanji as built up out of components, and gives you a mnemonic (memorable sentence) for each. The kanji wheel that helps you visualize your progress is also quite motivational. I really recommend it."
Lesley W.
"I must say I really love your website and have recommended it all to my friends also studying Japanese! It's the best aid I've found for my self study sessions!
Siânny T.
"I can see that a lot of thought and effort has gone into creating Kanshudo. I like it a lot and already feel that I am learning fast. Great job!"
Maria C.
"Wow, this site is actually amazing. I did the first three lessons which were free and I earned 2 free months already. And it's so inexpensive compared to other Japanese sites I've found. I'm in shock!"
Morgan M.
"I love the different exercises for practicing kanji. My favourite is the sentences with the kanji missed out. I find a system like that makes it so much easier for me to remember the kanji. Then of course the flash cards and the repetition system is great. I love the wheel format too! It makes it really clear to see where I'm at. I also love that you can earn pro membership through studying. That is a fantastic motivator!"
Gillian H.
"I am loving this website. It's really useful. Thank you very much for making it."
Akib H.
"I have subscribed to Kanshudo and so far my experience has been pleasurable; kanji has never been something that I found myself doing well (or at all) but I feel like I can more forward more."
Joshua C.
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