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Kanji Match is an incredibly fun way to study kanji quickly. Match each kanji with its correct reading / meaning, and try to improve your winning streak! After you finish each set, you can easily study the kanji you were not sure about.
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Kanshudo classifies all kanji by usefulness level, in order to help you learn the most useful kanji first. Usefulness level 1 represents the most useful kanji, and usefulness levels 1 to 5 cover all Jōyō kanji. For more information see your personal kanji wheel and our how-to guide to kanji usefulness.
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Where available, kanji in Kanshudo include a usage frequency (based on statistics gathered by the Japanese government). In general, you want to learn the most frequent kanji that you don't already know.
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Draw on the full range of 3947 kanji with mnemonics in the Kanshudo system!
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