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Kanshudo Beginner Lessons

Posted: 2016-09-09, Tags: newfeatures studyaids beginners
We are very excited to announce a brand new series of lessons created especially for beginners and early students of Japanese: Kanshudo Beginner Lessons.
Our Beginner Lessons take you step by step through the very early stages of learning Japanese, assuming no knowledge whatsoever. Over 20 lessons, you will cover about 50 basic points of grammar, the most important 100 kanji, and about 200 words. Once you have completed the Beginner Lessons, you will be ready for the written part of the first level (N5) of the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test).
Kanshudo's Beginner Lessons are specially designed by Japanese linguists to be a fun and effective way to get started with Japanese.
  • Each lesson starts with a clearly written introduction to the kanji and readings, including plenty of example sentences
  • Concise grammar points illustrate the grammar introduced by the examples
  • Practice drawing each kanji with a new animated drawing tool
  • Play a selection of five games for each lesson, designed to cement your knowledge in a fun way
  • Automatically create flashcards for later study and review
  • Use a computer, a tablet, or a mobile - or several; Kanshudo will remember your progress
We've prepared a detailed new guide, Getting started learning Japanese. If you are completely new to Japanese, this guide is all you need to make a successful start.
Take your first step towards mastering written Japanese today. Take a Kanshudo Beginner Lesson!

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