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New Word Collections

Posted: 2020-05-13, Tags: vocabulary kanji collections reference
The best way to learn Japanese kanji readings is to learn the most useful words that use them. In the same way, it is easier to learn words when you can tie your knowledge of the word to the kanji used to write it.
We're delighted to introduce several new vocabulary collections which address both of these issues at once, and are ideal for building both your kanji knowledge and vocabulary: the most useful word for every reading of every kanji.
See the new collections [here](/collections/vocab_kanji_useful)
There are 2136 Jōyō kanji, which in total have 4266 official readings (an average of 2 readings per kanji), so the collections present 4266 words. Learning these words is the best way to ensure you know all key readings of each of the 2136 Jōyō kanji, and a great way to learn 4266 of the most useful Japanese words.
Additionally, we include the subset of 3319 words which are 'level-appropriate' - i.e., the words most useful to learn when you first encounter the kanji. (Some readings of kanji are much less common, and not worth learning until you reach a higher level.)
Use these collections to create flashcards, add favorites, test yourself with Quick Test, or play study games!

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