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Posted: 2022-11-08, Tags: updates whatsnew topics flashcards
As rain and early evenings descend on our HQ in San Francisco, our Japanese team is looking forward to the next Japanese holiday, 文化の日, so we've put together a new Topic Lesson on it to help you join in! Since our last update we've added three new lessons:
We've added a new game, currently playable in the 和食 Topic Lesson: Sentence Sort! The goal is to drag sentences from a text into the correct order. This is very useful for helping you develop overall comprehension of a passage and its narrative flow.
If you enjoy testing yourself on our collections, you'll enjoy our new countries of the world collection, which includes the Japanese words for every country in the world!
We're steadily improving our grammar library - although it's only six weeks or so since our last update, we've added another 14 new grammar points and POIs and updated 59 more. We are working on a more structured 'path' through the library and some other improvements - stay tuned!
Additionally, our partner Joy o' Kanji has published 11 new in-depth kanji essays:
We've added several useful new features this month. First, in category searches (for example Word Search, Kanji Search and Grammar Search), you'll see a new flashcard button at the right of every search result, which will let you add a flashcard to the set of your choice immediately. Of course, you can still assign any flashcard set as your favorites bucket so that the favorites star enables you to add a card to that specific set immediately.
In the details page for a flashcard set, there's a new feature in the 'More actions' list which will let you create a study set with cards you have added to the set today - useful if you want to focus on learning material immediately after you've encountered it.
Finally on the flashcards front, you can now create flashcards for grammar points in the Beginner Lessons.
Happy Japanese studying!

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