Grammar detail: お待たせ(おまたせ)する

お待たせ(おまたせ)する  make wait
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The expression
means 'sorry to have kept you waiting'. It can be made more polite in various ways, such as:
  • お待たせいたしました
  • お待たせしてすみません(でした)
  • お待たせして
The various expressions above are all derived from
つ (to wait). The causative form is
たせる (to make wait), so basically the 'act of making wait' has been nominalized (turned into a noun), 待たせ, and that has then in turn been turned back into a verb with the addition of する, and made humble by prepending お. The net result is a new verb, お待たせする, which on its own would mean something like 'I humbly make you wait'.
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Kanji used in this grammar

タイ   ま to wait   
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シン   もう to say   
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ヤク   translate; reason   わけ reason, explanation   
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