Grammar detail: よく

よく  often
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よく is an adverb meaning 'often'. It is commonly used in the expression よく
べる meaning 'eat (something) often'.
よく is derived from よい, meaning 'good', and so it can also be written
く, although it is more commonly found written with hiragana. (Unlike
い, which is typically found written using the kanji.)
In English the adverbial form of 'good' is 'well', so you would expect
べました to mean 'ate well'. In some cases that meaning is intended, and the only way to tell is from the context. In rare examples, both meanings are possible and cannot easily be distinguished - for example, よく
る can mean 'eat well, sleep well', or 'eat often, sleep well'.
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Kanji used in this grammar

ショク   ジキ    food   たべる to eat   く to eat   
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リョウ   よ good   
シン   ねかす to lay down   ね to sleep, to lie down   
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