Japanese Grammar by JLPT level

Finding grammar by JLPT level

You can use the following search syntax to find grammar points to study:
You can also restrict your search based on your own mastery score. For example, to find all grammar points in JLPT5 that you don't know at all (mastery level 0), use:
To find all grammar points in JLPT5 you know well (mastery level 4), use:

Differences between usefulness and JLPT rating

In general, Kanshudo's usefulness rating corresponds directly with a JLPT level. Kanshudo's usefulness scores go *up* from 1, whereas JLTP counts down from 5 to 1. So a grammar point with a JLTP level of 5 will have a Kanshudo usefulness level of 1 (i.e. most useful / easiest). Usefulness 5 corresponds to JLPT 1 (the most difficult JLPT level).
There are a few additional differences between our usefulness lists and the JLPT:
  • The JLPT lists only include specific constructions. Kanshudo's grammar library includes a number of articles that provide background and more general information. These are classified based on when you would be expected to know them, even though they do not appear in the JLPT lists.
  • Usefulness level 6 includes grammar points that are not required for the JLPT.
For comparison, here are quick links to all grammar points by usefulness level:
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