Grammar detail: 々, 〻, 〱, ゝ and ヽ

々, 〻, 〱, ゝ and ヽ  kanji and kana repetition symbols
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Japanese includes a number of typographic symbols to indicate repetition. The most common is the kanji repetition symbol, 々 :
Several other symbols also exist:
Indicates repetition of hiragana, as in こゝろ (
, heart) and the surnames さゝき (ささき) and おゝの (おおの). People use ゝ only for syllables with unvoiced consonants. For voiced consonants, you need the dakuten form ゞ, as in みすゞ (みすず, a female given name) and いすゞ
(Isuzu Motors) (the symbol is actually used in the formal name of the company). Rarely used outside proper names.
Indicates repetition of katakana, as in サヽキ (ささき, a surname). Its dakuten form is ヾ. Rarely used outside proper names.
Essentially the same as 々, but less common. For example, 各〻 (おのおの: each) is now usually written as 各々 or just 各.
Used for the repetition of two or more characters, but only in vertical writing. It is also less common in modern texts. Note: this character is not included in many fonts, especially on mobile devices, so it may appear as a question mark.
In Japanese the following terms are used to describe repetition in various contexts:
- syllable repetition (indicating plurals). This term applies to words such as
(people) and
(we). The syllable repetition usually indicates a plural but could also signify emphasis, repetition (e.g., of an action), or continuation.
- repetition; accumulative clause; refrain. This term pertains to the repeated use of the same word or phrase in a sentence or poem. People mostly use this term for haiku or waka (classic poems) or infrequently for songs, where it means “refrain.”
- iteration mark (used to represent repetition of the previous character). This term represents the various marks described above.
For more information on repetition symbols and repetition generally, see the Joy o' Kanji essay on 畳.
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Kanji used in this grammar

(kanji repetition symbol)   
(hiragana repetition mark)
シン   こころ heart   
(hiragana voiced repetition mark)
ジ   シ   みずか self   
ドウ   うご to move, to stir   うごかす to shift, to move   
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シャ   くるま car   
(kanji repetition symbol used in vertical text)   
カク   each; every   おのおの each   
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ジョウ   たた to fold up   たたみ tatami   
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ゴ   かた to talk, relate   かたらう to talk together, chat   
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ジン   ニン   ひと person   
ガ   I; myself   われ    わが-    
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ク    verse, phrase   
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ジ   character   あざ village section   
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