Name details - 張

Common reading:
ちゃん   Chan   (surname)  
Additional readings:
えい   Ei   (surname)  
が   Ga   (surname)  
きん   Kin   (surname)  
さん   San   (unclassified person name)  
ざん   Zan   (surname)  
じやん   Jiyan   (surname)  
じよん   Jiyon   (surname)  
じん   Jin   (surname)  
すん   Sun   (surname)  
ちあん   Chian   (surname)  
ちおんぐ   Chiongu   (surname)  
ちやう   Chiyau   (surname)  
ちやん   Chiyan   (surname)  
ちょ   Cho   (surname)  
ちょう   Chou   (surname)  
ちりこ   Chiriko   (female given name)  
つあん   Tsuan   (surname)  
はら   Hara   (surname)  
はり   Hari   (surname)  
はりさき   Harisaki   (surname)  
ひらく   Hiraku   (unclassified given name)  
みはる   Miharu   (unclassified given name)  
This is the 3076th most common Japanese surname.
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チョウ   は to stretch   
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チョウ   なが long   
キュウ   ゆみ a bow   
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