Name details - 直

Common reading:
なお   Nao   (male given name)
Additional readings:
あたい   Atai   (surname)
あたえ   Atae   (surname)
じき   Jiki   (surname)
すすむ   Susumu   (unclassified given name)
すな   Suna   (surname)
すなお   Sunao   (female given name, surname)
ただ   Tada   (unclassified given name)
ただし   Tadashi   (surname, unclassified given name)
ただす   Tadasu   (unclassified given name)
ちょく   Choku   (surname, unclassified given name)
なおき   Naoki   (surname, unclassified given name)
なおざき   Naozaki   (surname)
なおし   Naoshi   (female given name, surname)
なおじ   Naoji   (unclassified person name)
なおみ   Naomi   (female given name)
なおる   Naoru   (unclassified given name)
なほ   Naho   (female given name)
のぶる   Noburu   (unclassified person name)
まさみ   Masami   (surname)
This is the 477th most common Japanese male given name.
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チョク   ジキ    honest; direct   ただちに immediately   なお to correct   なお to be cured   
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ジュウ   ジッ   と    とお ten   
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イチ   イツ   ひと    ひと- one   
ボク   モク   eye   ま-    め