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Kanshudo Kanji Draw is one of the most effective ways to truly learn a kanji. It is one of the core ways that kanji are taught in Japanese schools. It is not easy to draw a kanji correctly from memory, but with practice it helps plant a kanji into your mind in a way that is hard to reproduce with any other learning method.
Try a few rounds of Kanji Draw and really stretch your kanji ability!
Kanji Draw is also available as part of Beginner lessons, Intermediate lessons, the Textbook Companion. You can also practice drawing kanji for kanji cards in any flashcard set (from the details page for the set).
Visit the Drawing Practice Center to practice drawing hiragana, katakana, and kanji components. You can also practice drawing any individual kanji using the link in the quick summary that appears when you click the blue box in search results, or the kanji's details page.
Kanshudo Kanji Draw is free to use, but you must be logged in. Please LOG IN (or REGISTER).
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