Point of interest: ハチ公(はちこう)

ハチ公(はちこう)  faithful dog Hachikō
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Hachikō was a Japanese dog who became famous for waiting for his master outside Shibuya station for nine years. His master had suddenly passed away, and so poor Hachikō was left to wait in vain.
Hachikō is more fully known in Japanese as
. He is commemorated with a life size bronze statue in Shibuya which has become a famous meeting place.
His life was celebrated in a very successful 1987 movie, which was re-made in 2009 as 'Hachi: A Dog's Tale' starring Richard Gere.

Kanji used in this point of interest

チュウ   loyal
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ケン   いぬ dog   
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コウ   おおやけ official, public   
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