Point of interest: 親ガチャ、子ガチャ

親ガチャ、子ガチャ  nature vs nurture
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The term
ガチャ has recently become quite fashionable, and provides a new take on a concept that is both ancient and modern: the idea of nature vs nature.
ガチャ originally came into use as a term for toys that can be bought from vending machines - it originated from the ガチャガチャ noise made by the machines when money was inserted and the dispatch lever pulled. Over time it made its way into the video game world to describe items that can be acquired within games to aid or adorn the player. So the term began to carry the connotation of a characteristic that is acquired externally, rather than developed internally.
Hence the idea of 親ガチャ is that a child inherits characteristics from its parents, and has no control over them - 'nature' (vs 'nurture') in other words. However, unlike the dry scientific terms nature and nurture, 親ガチャ is a throwaway expression often used by children themselves to explain away poor performance etc (perhaps as an excuse for spending too much time playing video games ...).
ガチャ (or
ガチャ) is the inverse expression, in the sense that parents might apply it to their children: you can't choose your children!

Kanji used in this point of interest

シン   おや parent   したしい close, intimate   したしむ to befriend, grow close to   
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シ   ス   こ child   
キョウ   ク   そなえる to make an offering   とも servant, attendant   
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