Point of interest: Isolating Language

Isolating Language
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For more on this topic, see the 孤 essay in the Joy o' Kanji essay collection.
Languages connect the people who use them, but a language itself can be isolating or isolated. That's what we find with this term:
isolated language; isolated word; isolating language
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This term is composed of
(isolation) +
One would imagine that the first two definitions referred to a language unrelated to any other, such as Basque. That is indeed what "isolated language" means.
As for "isolating language", that refers to a tongue such as Chinese that has no declensions or inflections.

Kanji used in this point of interest

コ    alone   
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リツ   リュウ   た to stand   たてる to build   
ゴ   かた to talk, relate   かたらう to talk together, chat   
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