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By default the Component Builder shows the most common Joyo kanji components (ie, components which are themselves Joyo kanji, or which are used in at least 3 other Joyo kanji). Select an alternative set of components below.

For details of all components and their English names, see the Component collections.
Kanshudo Component Builder Help
For detailed instructions, see the Component builder how to guide.
To find any kanji, first try to identify the components it is made up of. Once you have identified any component, search for it in any of three ways:
  1. Draw it in the drawing area
  2. Type the name in the text area
  3. Look for it in the list
Example: look up 漢
  • Notice that 漢 is made of several components: 氵 艹 口 夫
  • Draw any of these components (one at a time) in the drawing area, and select it when you see it
  • Alternatively, look for a component in the list. 氵 艹 口 each have three strokes; 夫 has four strokes
  • If you know the meanings of the components, type any of them in the text area: water (氵), grass (艹), mouth (口) or husband (夫)
  • Keep adding components until you can see your kanji in the list of matches that appears near the top.
Kanshudo Component Builder Drawing Help
The Kanshudo Component Builder can recognize any of the 416 components listed in the chart below the drawing area. Tips:
  • Draw a component in the center of the area, as large as you can
  • Try to draw the component as it appears in the kanji you're looking up
  • Don't worry about stroke order or number of strokes
  • Don't draw more than one component at a time
Not finding your component?
If you believe you've drawn your component correctly but the system is not recognizing it, please:
Let us know!
507 matches found for name 'あな' (most common first)
ガンガラあな   Gangaraana   (place name)
あなみ   Anami   (female given name)
あば   Aba   (female given name)
あわ   Awa   (surname)
あなる   Anaru   (female given name)
エッコあなざわ   Ekkoanazawa   (place name)
のあな   Noana   (female given name)
えびあな   Ebiana   (place name)
あなり   Anari   (female given name)
あなむ   Anamu   (female given name)
ゆあな   Yuana   (female given name)
あなんゴルフじょう   Anan golf links   (place name)
あきな   Akina   (female given name)
あな   Ana   (female given name)
あうち   Auchi   (surname)
あない   Anai   (surname)
おうち   Ouchi   (place name)
あなみこれちか   Anami Korechika (1887.2.21-1945.8.15)   (full name of specific individual)
あなみこれひろ   Anami Korehiro (?-1975)   (full name of specific individual)
あなみこれまさ   Anami Koremasa   (full name of specific individual)
あなみこれしげ   Anami Koreshige (1941.1.16-)   (full name of specific individual)
あなみこれあきら   Anami Koreakira (?-1943.11.20)   (full name of specific individual)
あなんえき   Anan Station   (station name)
あなんけんじ   Anan Kenji   (full name of specific individual)
あなんこうぎょうこうとうせんもんがっこう   Anan National College of Technology/ACT   (place name)
あなんし   Anan (city)   (place name)
あなんじゅんろう   Anan Junrou   (full name of specific individual)
あなんざわ   Ananzawa   (place name)
あなんちょう   Ananchou   (place name)
あなみはるや   Anami Haruya   (full name of specific individual)
あなんはつでんしょ   Anan power station   (place name)
あなん   Ananda (disciple of Gautama Buddha)   (full name of specific individual)
あなんだ   Ananda (disciple of Gautama Buddha)   (full name of specific individual)
あなみれん   Anamiren   (surname)
あはれん   Aharen   (place name, surname)
あわつれ   Awatsure   (surname)
あわづれ   Awadzure   (surname)
あわれ   Aware   (surname)
あわれん   Awaren   (surname)
あなし   Anashi   (place name)
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