198 matches found for name 'ざく' (most common first)
Common reading:
まお   Mao   (female given name)

Additional readings:
まあさ   Maasa   (female given name)
まいさくら   Maisakura   (female given name)
まいざくら   Maizakura   (female given name)
まう   Mau   (female given name)
まおう   Maou   (female given name)
まよ   Mayo   (female given name)
Common reading:
おさく   Osaku   (surname)

Additional readings:
おざく   Ozaku   (place name, surname)
こさく   Kosaku   (place name, surname)
こざく   Kozaku   (surname)
こつくり   Kotsukuri   (surname)
こづくり   Kodzukuri   (surname)
こはぎ   Kohagi   (surname)
Common reading:
さくら   Sakura   (female given name)

Additional readings:
さくらざき   Sakurazaki   (surname)
たかざくら   Takazakura   (surname)
Common reading:
やさく   Yasaku   (surname)

Additional readings:
ははぎ   Hahagi   (surname)
やざく   Yazaku   (surname)
やつくり   Yatsukuri   (surname)
やづくり   Yadzukuri   (surname)
やはぎ   Yahagi   (place name, surname)
やばき   Yabaki   (place name)
Common reading:
おおさく   Oosaku   (place name, surname)

Additional readings:
おおざく   Oozaku   (surname)
おおつくり   Ootsukuri   (surname)
おおはぎ   Oohagi   (surname)
たいさく   Taisaku   (surname, unclassified given name)
だいさく   Daisaku   (place name, surname, unclassified given name)
Common reading:
きりがや   Kirigaya   (surname)

Additional readings:
きりざく   Kirizaku   (place name)
きりたに   Kiritani   (surname)
きりだに   Kiridani   (place name)
きりや   Kiriya   (surname)
とうこく   Toukoku   (unclassified given name)
Common reading:
こざくら   Kozakura   (surname)

Additional readings:
こさくら   Kosakura   (place name)
こはる   Koharu   (female given name)
Common reading:
しゃうえ   Shaue   (surname)

Additional readings:
くわうえ   Kuwaue   (surname)
ざくうえ   Zakuue   (surname)
しげうえ   Shigeue   (surname)
しゃくうえ   Shakuue   (surname)
しゃくしょく   Shakushoku   (surname)
しゃしょく   Shashoku   (surname)
しゃち   Shachi   (surname)
せきしょく   Sekishoku   (surname)
たくうえ   Takuue   (surname)
たくしょく   Takushoku   (surname)
ちつげ   Chitsuge   (surname)
つげ   Tsuge   (place name, surname)
つげうえ   Tsugeue   (surname)
つげしょく   Tsugeshoku   (surname)
やまぐわうえ   Yamaguwaue   (surname)
Common reading:
しんさく   Shinsaku   (surname)

Additional readings:
ふかさ   Fukasa   (surname)
ふかさき   Fukasaki   (surname)
ふかさく   Fukasaku   (place name, surname)
ふかざく   Fukazaku   (surname)
ふかづくり   Fukadzukuri   (surname)
ふさく   Fusaku   (unclassified person name)
みさく   Misaku   (surname)
みずくり   Mizukuri   (unclassified person name)
みづくり   Midzukuri   (surname)
いさ   Isa   (female given name)
いさく   Isaku   (surname, unclassified given name)
いざく   Izaku   (surname)
いざくら   Izakura   (surname)
いよざくら   Iyozakura   (surname)
いざくら   Izakura   (surname)
いざくら   Izakura   (surname)
あざくらだい   Azakuradai   (place name)
あやざくら   Ayazakura   (surname)
いお   Io   (female given name)
いざくら   Izakura   (surname)
かいさく   Kaisaku   (place name)
かいざく   Kaizaku   (place name)
あいさく   Aisaku   (surname)
あいざく   Aizaku   (surname)
いざくとうげ   Izakutouge   (place name)
いわざくら   Iwazakura   (surname)
かめさく   Kamesaku   (surname, unclassified given name)
かめざく   Kamezaku   (place name)
きさく   Kisaku   (unclassified person name)
かめざくがわ   Kamezakugawa   (place name)
かめざくちょう   Kamezakuchou   (place name)
きゅうさくざく   Kyuusakuzaku   (place name)
ごうざくらい   Gouzakurai   (place name)
たまざくら   Tamazakura   (surname)
たまざくら   Tamazakura   (surname)
あざくらやま   Azakurayama   (place name)
めさくら   Mesakura   (surname)
めざくら   Mezakura   (surname)
める   Meru   (female given name)
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