1 exact match found for name '俊' (most common first)
Common reading:
しゅん   Shun   (male given name)
Additional readings:
さとし   Satoshi   (male given name)
しゅんさく   Shunsaku   (unclassified person name)
しゅんじ   Shunji   (unclassified person name)
じゅん   Jun   (male given name)
すぐる   Suguru   (unclassified given name)
たかし   Takashi   (unclassified given name)
とし   Toshi   (female given name, surname)
としお   Toshio   (unclassified given name)
としかつ   Toshikatsu   (unclassified person name)
としじ   Toshiji   (unclassified person name)
としつぐ   Toshitsugu   (unclassified person name)
まさる   Masaru   (unclassified person name)
れいしゅん   Reishun   (unclassified given name)
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