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Inflection showcase

Posted: 2020-06-26, Tags: tools newfeatures grammar
Have you ever wanted to check how an irregular verb conjugates? Or quickly see how an inflection differs for two Japanese verbs? Or just wanted a quick refresher on the inflections of an adjective or verb?
Our new Inflection showcase makes it extremely easy to look up standard inflections. You can select a given part of speech such as a class of adjective or verb, and see either basic or advanced inflections with a single click. You can then jump to articles in our Grammar library on any of the inflections, or look up all words in Japanese tagged as the part of speech you've selected.
The Inflection showcase makes it super easy to learn and test your knowledge of both standard and advanced conjugations for verbs, adjectives and more.
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Our Grammar library is a searchable reference resource with about 800 articles on Japanese grammar, graded by usefulness / JLPT level, and complete with many thousands of examples.
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