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Introducing Kanji Keywords

Posted: 2021-11-02, Tags: games kanji
We're very excited to introduce our newest game: Kanji Keywords!
Kanji Keywords brings together two of the most important learning techniques for kanji in a super fun and engaging game format: keywords and active recall.
Keywords: the best way to learn readings of a kanji reading is to learn the most important words that use them. Kanshudo introduces you to a kanji's keywords in various ways - for example, we display the keywords for each kanji whenever you click a kanji icon in search results; you can also access a collection of all the most important words for all the readings in the Joyo kanji. Kanji Keywords tests your knowledge of these keywords directly.
Active recall: the best way to learn a word is to actively use it. Second to actual conversation, the best way to actively use a word is to recall it from a definition or translation and then write it out. Kanji Keywords requires you to type out the reading of each keyword.
Kanji Keywords will help you learn kanji and important Japanese vocabularly in tandem. Best of all, your games will increase both your kanji mastery and your word mastery scores, and will earn you study points for free Pro access to Kanshudo!
Play a few rounds of Kanji Keywords today.

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