Grammar detail: いっぱい

いっぱい  full
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is a useful term which can be used in various ways. Most commonly Japanese learners will first encounter it as a useful expression when finishing a meal:
My stomach is full.
... or as a useful expression when requesting another drink:
Can I have a refill please?
いっぱい is actually from 一杯.
is a counter for various things, in particular (full) cups and glasses. So literally 'ippai' means 'one glass (full)', and by association the meaning 'full' has come to be used more generally.
Here's how the counter 杯 works with 1-10 items:
一杯 いっぱい
二杯 にはい
三杯 さんばい
四杯 よんはい
五杯 ごはい
六杯 ろっぱい
七杯 ななはい
八杯 はっぱい
九杯 きゅうはい
十杯 じっぱい
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Kanji used in this grammar

イチ   イツ   ひと    ひと- one   
ハイ   さかずき cup, goblet   
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ニ   ふた    ふた two   
サン   み    みっ three   
シ   four   よ    よ    よっ    よん    
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ゴ   いつ-    いつ five   
ロク   むっ six   む    むい    む    
シチ   なな    なな    なの seven   
ハチ   や    や    よう eight   
ク   キュウ   ここの nine   
ジュウ   ジッ   と    とお ten   
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フク   はら stomach, abdomen   
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