Grammar detail: かたがた

かたがた  as well as; while
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as well as; while
This expression is used when referring to an action that you the speaker carries out and it conveys a greater level of respect than similar expressions such as noun + がてら  while or ついでに  along the way, at the same time. It should never be used to refer to the actions of the listener or of others.
かたがた is most frequently used in formal situations and its use is not all that common.

I would like to present my report, as well as express my gratitude.
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Kanji used in this grammar

ホウ    report   むくいる to compensate, remunerate   むく reward, recompense   
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コク   つげる to announce   
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ライ   レイ    thanks, salutation   
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シン   もう to say   
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ジョウ   ショウ   うえ above   うわ- above   あげる to raise   あがる to rise   かみ first half, upper part   のぼ to climb   のぼせる to bring up, to raise   のぼ to bring up   
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