Grammar detail: ておくれ

ておくれ  softened form of てくれ
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ておくれ is sometimes encountered as an imperative form of a verb. Its similarity to several other constructions can be confusing: is it something to do with ておく? Is it connected with
れる (to be late)? Is it a kana form of the set expression
れ (be too late)? Is it a mistyped version of
In fact, it is none of these - it is a 'softened' form of the てくれる form, used as an imperative. The 〜てくれる form is used to indicate receiving something, so the imperative form 〜てくれ effectively means 'give me ~' or 'do ~ for me'. However, since that sounds somewhat abrupt, the お is used in a similar way as the honorific お in お
to 'soften' the sound a little and make it a little less harsh.

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Kanji used in this grammar

チ   おそ late   おくれる to be late   おくらす to make late   
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シュ   hand   て    た-    
テン   みせ shop   
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キ   ケ    spirit   
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ゼツ   たえる to die out   たやす to eradicate   た to sever, to cut off   
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ライ   たよ to rely (on)   たのもしい reliable   たの to ask(for), entrust   
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