Grammar detail: わりと

わりと  relatively
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is an adverb meaning
relatively ~
comparatively ~
rather ~
This pizza is pretty tasty, isn't it.
This phrase has a casual sound.
It is usually written in kana, although it derives from
り, which means 'proportion'.
The expression わりかし is interchangeable, but less common. In this usage, わりに can also be used, but note that わりと cannot be used instead of the more common use of わりに (see 割りに, わりに  despite; although).
Note that やんわりと is not connected with わりと - it is used to mean 'gently'.
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Kanji used in this grammar

カツ   わ to separate, to divide   われる to split apart, to crack   わり proportion, 10%   さ to cut up   
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