Grammar detail: Ichidan 一段 (いちだん) 'る' form verbs

Ichidan 一段 (いちだん) 'る' form verbs
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Ichidan verbs always end in る in their plain form, hence the name
(level). Each conjugated form is created by replacing the る with the appropriate (standard) ending.
べる (to eat) as an example:
negativeたべないdoesn't eat
conditionalたべればif I eat
passiveたべられるis eaten
potentialたべられるcan eat
volitionalたべましょうlet's eat
Note that the passive form and the potential form are identical, so the intended form must be determined from the context.
A small number of verbs end in る but are conjugated as
verbs - see Godan 五段(ごだん)'う' form verbs for details.
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Kanji used in this grammar

イチ   イツ   ひと    ひと- one   
ダン    grade, step, stairs   
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ショク   ジキ    food   たべる to eat   く to eat   
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ゴ   いつ-    いつ five   
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