悦 means 'ecstasy'

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Strokes : 10    Frequency: 1739   JLPT: N1    Usefulness: 5    Study set: 5-30    Grade: 8   Intermediate lesson: -    Beginner lesson: -   Begins 8 words   Used in 24 words   Used in 425 names   Not used as a component
Jōyō (常用)
Kun    よろこ   よろこばす
Name    や   よし
A Joy o' Kanji essay is available for 悦 - click the badge to download
Learn to talk about delight and pleasure, sexual and otherwise. See how the Japanese refer to religious exultation, and peek into a monk's daily life. Find out how to say, "I'm so happy for you," "I am very pleased to hear the news," and "I am most humbly delighted" (which is handy if you meet a VIP!). Get some culture by reading about fine artists, writers, a singer, and a folk-craft movement.
The essay is also included in the following Thematic Bundles
Pleasure and Leisure
悦 暇 娯 愉
These four essays provide the key to happiness. With 暇 one has free time, whether a vacation, a leave of absence, or simply time to kill. Then 娯 provides destinations for having structured fun, including amusement parks, theaters, or venues for karaoke, pachinko, or horse races. With 愉 people relax into a carefree sense of fun and pleasure. And with 悦 one can experience joy and delight in a variety of things, including hospitality, a sense of progress, food, artistic masterpieces, a college acceptance, religious rapture, and sexual ecstasy.
⿰   () heart   eight elder brothers  
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In the most useful 10,000 words in Japanese, 悦 is used 3 times, read 1 way.
Across all words in Japanese, 悦 is used 23 times, read 2 ways (with 1 variation).
エツ : 16 words FIND ALL
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エツ (read as えっ) : 1 word FIND ALL
musket (male Japanese sparrowhawk)  (see also: 雀鷂; colloquialism)
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よろこ : 6 words FIND ALL
0 3 4
Most common form: 喜び
joy; delight; rapture; pleasure; gratification; rejoicing; congratulations; felicitations
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Henshall: 1020  Joy o' Kanji : 1020  Key to Kanji:

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エツ    ecstasy   
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eight elder brothers
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ケイ   キョウ   elder brother; brother   あに elder brother   
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コウ   ク   くち mouth   
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