槽 means 'vat'

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Strokes : 15    Frequency: 2243   JLPT: N1    Usefulness: 5    Study set: 5-43    Grade: 8   Intermediate lesson: -    Beginner lesson: -   Begins 0 words   Used in 33 words   Used in 14 names   Not used as a component
Jōyō (常用)
Kun    ふね vat, tub, tank
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Though 槽 isn't glamorous, representing sturdy containers such as tanks, tubs, vats, and troughs, it is relevant to everyday life. This kanji pops up in terms for bathtubs, washing machines, fish tanks, oil tanks, saké vats, water tanks, and vessels for purifying human waste. Enjoy wordplay involving washing machines, and learn how scallop shells can help clean these appliances!
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In Hot Water
栓 槽 岡 呂
Bathing in Japan could mean communing with nature, following rigid procedures in a bathhouse, or soaking in water that other relatives have used. These essays cover all situations. They introduce practical terms for "bathtub," "turning on a faucet," and "overflowing." You'll learn where people bathed before owning bathtubs. You'll see how, in bathhouses, smaller, raised pools and larger pools below floor level respectively represent land and sea. You'll learn which "bathtub" term the Japanese associate with empty basins versus full pools at hot springs. And you'll discover how bathing has connected to religion, family bonds, prostitution, and a famous thief.
⿰   tree   cadet  
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In the most useful 10,000 words in Japanese, 槽 is used 2 times, read 1 way.
Across all words in Japanese, 槽 is used 28 times, read 2 ways (with 1 variation).
ソウ : 22 words FIND ALL
water tank; cistern; fish tank
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ふね : 1 word FIND ALL
Most common form:
1. ship; boat; watercraft; vessel; steamship  (舟 is often small and hand-propelled)
2. tank; tub; vat; trough
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ふね (read as ぶね) : 5 words FIND ALL
wooden vat (esp. for sake brewing); wooden tank
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An additional one less common word includes 槽 but the reading has not yet been categorized.
Henshall: 1527  Joy o' Kanji : 1527  Key to Kanji:

Cascading kanji view

ソウ    vat, tank   
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ソウ    cadet   
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イチ   イツ   ひと    ひと- one   
キョク   melody; curve   まがる to curve, to bend (intr)   まげる to twist (tr)   
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ニチ   ジツ   sun; day   ひ    -か    
モク   ボク   き    こ- tree   
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ダイ   タイ   おおきい big   おおいに very much   おお-    
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ジン   ニン   ひと person   
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