泡 means 'bubble'

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Strokes : 8    Frequency: 1932   JLPT: N1    Usefulness: 5    Study set: 5-36    Grade: 8   Intermediate lesson: -    Beginner lesson: -   Begins 28 words   Used in 53 words   Used in 33 names   Component in 1 kanji (0 Jōyō)
Jōyō (常用)
   あわ bubble
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Learn to talk about bubble baths, soapsuds, frothy waves, and whipped cream, as well as many types of alcohol, from bubbling champagne, foaming beer, and sparkling wine to happoshu, Hoppy mixed with shochu, and awamori. Find out what it means to "eat bubbles." Also discover ways of saying that efforts are in vain or that things (including companies) are as short-lived as bubbles.
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A Taste of Transience
浮 泡 夢 露
Buddhist views of impermanence once influenced words for "fragile life," words that include 浮. Later, a fear of death inspired living hedonistically in the "floating world"; related terms again feature 浮 (as "transient"). Because bubbles vanish without a trace, 泡 figures into words for "short-lived company" and "fringe candidate" (one who quickly disappears). Dreams (夢) slip away every day, and several words for "fleeting" combine 泡 and 夢. Similarly, dew evaporates, and one famous poem likens the poet's vanishing life to dew (露) and compares his world to a dream (夢).
⿰   () water   wrap  
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In the most useful 10,000 words in Japanese, 泡 is used 4 times, read 2 ways (with 1 variation).
Across all words in Japanese, 泡 is used 50 times, read 2 ways (with 1 variation).
ホウ : 15 words FIND ALL
(air) bubble (esp. in a liquid)
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ホウ (read as ぽう) : 9 words FIND ALL
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あわ : 26 words FIND ALL
bubble; foam; froth; head on beer
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An additional 3 less common words include 泡 but the reading has not yet been categorized.
Henshall: 1795  Joy o' Kanji : 1795  Key to Kanji:

Cascading kanji view

ホウ   あわ bubble   
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ホウ   つつ to wrap   
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コ   キ   おのれ self   
スイ   みず water   
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