遂 means 'accomplish'

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Strokes : 12    Frequency: 1469   JLPT: N1    Usefulness: 5    Study set: 5-22    Grade: 8   Intermediate lesson: -    Beginner lesson: -   Begins 5 words   Used in 23 words   Used in 21 names   Component in 6 kanji (0 Jōyō)
Jōyō (常用)
   げる accomplish, attain
Kun    つい in the end, finally
A Joy o' Kanji essay is available for 遂 - click the badge to download
Journey to the dark side with terms for attempted crimes, learning to say, “He is accused of attempted robbery.” Then move to the sunny side with positive keywords about achieving things. Sample sentences include, “Come what may, I am determined to accomplish it,” “I will do it at all costs,” “He is equal to the task,” and “He persisted in accomplishing his original plan.”
The essay is also included in the following Thematic Bundles
Do or Die
執 遂 徹 粘
Tenacity binds these essays together, sometimes as the secondary sense of characters. The literal stickiness of 粘 (e.g., natto, clay, and snail mucus!) inspired the figurative meaning "tenacity," as in "stick-to-it-ness." Mainly, 執 involves performing tasks (often by wielding long, thin objects such as pens or batons), but as "tenacity" this kanji drives words about persistence, obsession, and grudges. The whole bundle showcases adherence to beliefs and goals, doing things thoroughly, and seeing things through (e.g., athletes who accomplish greatness). These essays also depict the dark side of such devotion—namely, obstinacy, self-centeredness, discord, monomania, ill health, and more.
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In the most useful 10,000 words in Japanese, 遂 is used 3 times, read 2 ways.
Across all words in Japanese, 遂 is used 19 times, read 3 ways.
スイ : 8 words FIND ALL
noun, noun (suffix), 'no' adjective
attempt (e.g. at crime)  (see also: 既遂)
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げる : 8 words FIND ALL
0 2
ichidan verb, transitive verb
1. to accomplish; to achieve; to carry out
2. to arrive at (a certain outcome); to come to; to end with
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つい : 3 words FIND ALL
accomplishing; accomplishment; carrying out; carrying through; bringing to a successful conclusion
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An additional 逐 less common words include 遂 but the reading has not yet been categorized.
Henshall: 1458  Joy o' Kanji : 1458  Key to Kanji:

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スイ   とげる accomplish, attain   
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eight pigs
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