頃 means 'time'

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Strokes : 11    Frequency: 561   JLPT: N2    Usefulness: 4    Study set: 4-4    Grade: 8   Intermediate lesson: 38    Beginner lesson: -   Begins 3 words   Used in 55 words   Used in 83 names   Component in 2 kanji (0 Jōyō)
Jōyō (常用)
   ころ time
On    ケイ   キョウ
Kun    しばら
Name    ころも
A Joy o' Kanji essay is available for 頃 - click the badge to download
Learn to approximate time, as in "about noon" or "toward the end of June." Find out how to say, "I have seen nothing of him lately," "Young people wear their hair long these days," and “At your age, you ought to know better.” Learn how to announce that it's a great time for seeing cherry blossoms and that it's high time for a vacation. Also discover the "age at which one has many worries.”
The essay is also included in the following Thematic Bundles
Concepts of Time
旬 昔 暦 頃
The sun, moon, and seasons are natural clocks, but time is also a construct. As this bundle shows, the Japanese divide time into units of 10 (days, months, or years), also perceiving 72 microseasons. Japan has observed lunar, solar, and other calendars, plus 60-year cycles and multiple era systems. For all this precision, people approximate time with "the good old days," "once upon a time," or "around the time." They also have a particular take on time when saying that a food is in season, "at your age," and "It's a great time" for a certain activity.
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In the most useful 10,000 words in Japanese, 頃 is used 4 times, read 1 way (with 1 variation).
Across all words in Japanese, 頃 is used 46 times, read 2 ways (with 1 variation).
ケイ : 4 words FIND ALL
qing (Chinese unit of land area equal to 100 mu)  (see also: ; obscure term)
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ころ : 16 words FIND ALL
Most common form: ころ
noun, adverbial noun (fukushitekimeishi), noun (suffix)
1. (approximate) time; around; about; toward  (ごろ when used as a suffix; often written with kana only)
2. suitable time (or condition)  (see also: 食べ頃)
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ころ (read as ごろ) : 26 words FIND ALL
Most common form: 此の頃
adverbial noun (fukushitekimeishi), noun (temporal) (jisoumeishi)
recently; nowadays; these days; now; at present
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An additional 5 less common words include 頃 but the reading has not yet been categorized.
Henshall: Joy o' Kanji : 2011  Key to Kanji:

Cascading kanji view

ころ time   
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ページ page, leaf of a book   
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whereupon one
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katakana 'no'; whereupon; splitting away from
イチ   イツ   ひと    ひと- one   
かい shellfish   
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katakana 'ha'; eight
ボク   モク   eye   ま-    め    
さじ spoon   
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