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generative grammar  (linguistics terminology)
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セイ   ショウ    life   なま raw   いかす to enliven   いきる to live   いける to arrange flowers   うまれる to be born   う to give birth to   き pure, undiluted   お to grow, to sprout   はえる to grow, to sprout   はやす to grow, cultivate   
セイ   ジョウ   な to become   な to perform, to accomplish   
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spear; javelin
ブン   モン    literature   ふみ a letter   
ホウ   ハッ   ホッ    method   
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キョ   コ   さ leave   
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ム   private
ド   ト   ground; earth   つち ground, earth, soil   
スイ   みず water   
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