Who said learning shouldn't be fun? There's plenty of scientific evidence to show that games speed up learning and improve retention. Have fun with a game to kickstart your studies!
Here we provide an overview of all the games and exercises on Kanshudo, and how to access them. Some can be played directly via the PLAY menu, and some are accessible as part of lessons etc. You can also just follow the study recommendations on your Dashboard, which will direct you to different games automatically.
Some of the games listed here also appear in the Study Index.
Multi-mode games
Kanji Challenge
Kanji Challenge is an extremely effective and focused way to study an individual kanji along with its most useful words and readings, through a series of focused exercises, including most of the other games listed here.
Kanshudo Boost
Kanshudo Boost generates a series of games and exercises to help you learn any set of material - flashcards, a collection, lesson content etc. Boost is one of the most fun and effective ways to study as it provides constant variety.
Quick Study
Quick Study is like 'flashcards without consequences'! It's a great way to quickly identify words and kanji you don't know.
Kanji games
Kanji Match
Match kanji with their readings/meanings to quickly refresh your memory or identify weak spots!
Kanji Builder
Build kanji from their components. Kanji Builder is a fantastic way to cement a kanji in your mind visually, unlike any other approach to learning kanji. It's very challenging, but addictive!
Kanji Draw
Kanji Draw is probably the hardest of our kanji games: try to draw a kanji from memory! Don't worry - there are plenty of hints if you get stuck.
Kanji Draw is also available as part of Beginner lessons, Intermediate lessons, the Textbook Companion, for any individual kanji (eg ), and in the Drawing Center.
Kanji Quiz
Practice our kanji quiz, then when you are ready, score your kanji ability with the full quiz.
Kanji Keywords
Learn a kanji along with the key words for each of its readings in this fun and engaging game.
Kanji Pop
Our newest and most 'fun' kanji game - pop kanji that fit the clues!
Currently in beta testing. Please contact support if you'd like to be part of the testing team.
Random Kanji
View a kanji selected randomly from the entire Kanshudo database!
Word and vocabulary games
Word Match
Match up words with their readings/meanings, and study any you miss. Choose words with a usefulness level to match your current knowledge. A fun and effective way to increase your Japanese vocabulary!
Sentence Complete
Drag kanji onto the blanks to complete sentences. Choose sentences to suit your study level based on the usefulness level of the words they contain. A fantastic way to increase your Japanese vocabulary!
Sentence Builder
Build sentences by choosing words in the correct order. A great way to develop your knowledge of Japanese word order and grammar while simultaneously building vocabulary. Sentence Builder is available as part of the Beginner and Intermediate lessons, and as a standalone game accessible from the PLAY menu.
Word Quiz
Take our word quiz to build or test your vocabulary.
Kana Cross
Our most ambitious game yet, Kana Cross is the most addictive way we've found to test and expand your vocabulary.
Currently in beta testing. Please contact support if you'd like to be part of the testing team.
Term Find
Term Find is a quick thinking fun matching game, like a different take on Word Match. It is available as part of Challenges and as one of the games available for the Joy o' Kanji essays.
Answer Type
Answer Type is a great way to test your ability to recall the reading of kanji by spelling out words. You can play Answer Type as a standalone game (accessible from the PLAY menu and the bottom menu). It is also available as part of Challenges and Boost, and can also be applied as a mode for Flashcards.
Grammar games
Grammar Match
Identify the correct inflection for the supplied sentence. This game is a fun way to prepare for one of the most common question types in the JLPT.
Inflection Builder
A unique feature of Japanese is the ability to apply multiple grammatical constructions in sequence to the same word, which can be challenging to understand. This wonderful game makes it simple to practice combining inflections together!
Currently in beta testing. Please contact support if you'd like to be part of the testing team.
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