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By default the Component Builder shows the most common Joyo kanji components (ie, components which are themselves Joyo kanji, or which are used in at least 3 other Joyo kanji). Select an alternative set of components below.

For details of all components and their English names, see the Component collections.
Kanshudo Component Builder Help
For detailed instructions, see the Component builder how to guide.
To find any kanji, first try to identify the components it is made up of. Once you have identified any component, search for it in any of three ways:
  1. Draw it in the drawing area
  2. Type the name in the text area
  3. Look for it in the list
Example: look up 漢
  • Notice that 漢 is made of several components: 氵 艹 口 夫
  • Draw any of these components (one at a time) in the drawing area, and select it when you see it
  • Alternatively, look for a component in the list. 氵 艹 口 each have three strokes; 夫 has four strokes
  • If you know the meanings of the components, type any of them in the text area: water (氵), grass (艹), mouth (口) or husband (夫)
  • Keep adding components until you can see your kanji in the list of matches that appears near the top.
Kanshudo Component Builder Drawing Help
The Kanshudo Component Builder can recognize any of the 416 components listed in the chart below the drawing area. Tips:
  • Draw a component in the center of the area, as large as you can
  • Try to draw the component as it appears in the kanji you're looking up
  • Don't worry about stroke order or number of strokes
  • Don't draw more than one component at a time
Not finding your component?
If you believe you've drawn your component correctly but the system is not recognizing it, please:
Let us know!

What is Kanshudo?

Who said learning Japanese can't be fun?!

Kanshudo is the fastest and most enjoyable way to learn and remember the Japanese kanji and written Japanese generally. Whatever your current level of kanji ability, Kanshudo will help you improve fast, with assessment tools such as our unique visualization of your kanji ability, the Kanji Wheel, games such as Kanji Match and Word Match, the Kanji Quiz, fun and engaging Beginner lessons and Intermediate lessons, and free online flashcards.
Kanshudo is also an invaluable daily reference tool, with a variety of sophisticated ways to look up kanji, Japanese words, Japanese names and English / Japanese example sentences.
If you are just getting started with Japanese or the kanji, you can find everything you need to know to make your studies a success in our articles How to master the kanji and Getting started learning Japanese.
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The Kanshudo system for learning kanji: mnemonics and components

Kanji are fundamental to written Japanese, and Kanshudo uses a highly effective system for helping you learn. The Kanshudo system is built on several proven learning concepts. Read about the Kanshudo system to learn about the core concepts behind the most advanced system available for learning kanji quickly and easily.

A huge array of tools and games for learning Japanese

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Kanshudo's name: 'the way to kanji mastery'

The name Kanshudo comes from the Japanese characters 漢習道, which roughly translate as 'the way to kanji mastery'.
... as in 漢字 (かんじ), Chinese characters
... as in 習う (ならう), to learn or master
... as in 柔道 (じゅうどう), Judo or the 'gentle way'
Click on the kanji above to see the details, or look up all three kanji in kanji search to learn more about them.


Kanshudo uses learning concepts and data developed by many individuals and organizations, for which we are deeply grateful. For full details see credits.

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